The Top Automobile Insurance Companies for College Students



College Car Insurance

It’s a known fact that the average college student does not know or care much, if anything, about automobile insurance. All college students believe that the best automobile insurance is the kind that their parents pay for!
Well not every college students is fortunate enough to have their parents foot the bill. Regardless of who pays for the insurance it’s also a known fact that in order to legally operate an automobile a person must have some form of car insurance. With that in mind, when you are out shopping for car insurance always look for insurance companies that offer discounts for students. Many automobile insurance companies offer savings and discounts up to 150 to 20% to college students with a 3.0 GPA (B average). They also give discounts if the student has taken and passed a driver’s education course. However just remember that just because you are getting a discount rate does not mean that you are getting the lowest premium.
Shop around and check out several different automobile insurance agencies. Carefully read the fine print, compare prices and by all means have the car insurance agent to thoroughly explain how the policy works and what it does and does not cover. Look for a reputable car insurance company that provides prompt, convenience service and roadside assistance. Before you buy be sure to make an informed decision and get the coverage that best fits your needs and your pocketbook!
Here is a short list and information, in no particular order, of some of the top automobile insurance companies for college students.

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